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Custom Additions

Architectural Costs:

Save thousands of dollars on site drawings because we employ some of the top college art graduates and computer design personnel. We do the plot plans, water erosion plans, construction drawings, design consultation, Township variance hearings, etc. Our final renderings are computer aided designs that go directly to a Structural Engineer for final renderings. We then package everything together for you and submit the package to your Township. If there are any problems we also have one of the best variance attorneys around to battle the Township for you in order to gain acceptance to build your dream. Most builders have priced in up to ten thousand dollars for your plans. We have tapered this cost, in some cases to as low as $500.00.

The ruff framing difference:

Many builders do not care what the framing behind your drywall looks like. At Doc Potter�s we realize that the quality starts from within. Ruff framing is one of the first phases of carpentry a Carpenter learns. Some joke that, "that�s why they call it ruff." We only employ Finish Carpenters. These are folks with many years of experience that think five steps ahead. The difference is enormous when you look at the finished product.

Secondly, we hand pick every piece of lumber that goes into your home. If we would not put it in our home we promise it will not go into yours.

The System Approach:

Many times you will hear me (the owner) say that I do it all. This is a true statement. I can do it all but a person that does a specific task day-in and day-out will do a much more refined job...and faster. After spending six years in the United States Naval Medical Corps (I worked in the operating room), I learned how important it is to know your limitations. Not only does Doc Potter�s have a crew that has a proven expert in every phase of construction but I personally supervise every job. The end result must always meet my approval! And trust me, a trained eye sees much more than an untrained eye.

Finish Carpenters:

If you can think it...we can build it. There are so many details that a builder must adhered to in order to create a finished product without flaws. With years of product and hands on knowledge the end result is never short of beautiful. Don�t take my word for it...we have a huge list of Happy Customers that you can ask yourself.

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