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With over eight hundred siding jobs completed, I honestly thought that I saw every hack in the book.  Folks, I am not trying to brag but I am trying to illuminate the fact that there is a lot more to siding than just slapping it onto a house. In all the years that I have observed my competitions work I have found only a handful of jobs that were done correctly (one handful; five jobs!). Recently I just completed an electricians program at DCCC and even noted that the J-channel was installed incorrectly on their student house.

As a result of the lack of knowledge that I have found in this field I have decided to create this training lesson on how to install siding correctly. I encourage contractors to call my office or email me with any questions. 

I will be building on this training page over the next month. First I would like to start with the defects that will cost the homeowner thousands of dollars if it is not done correctly. The example that I will be using is a job that we completely in 2008. The homeowner paid for the previous job just nine year ago. Pretty sad story when the life expectancy is 50+ years.

The exterior wall of this addition was sheathed with 1/2" foil- faced siding. The contractor never marked stud locations, A vapor barrier was not installed, and and no lower flashing was installed. In addition, the windows were not flashed with metal.

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Damages that resulted, punctures through insulation board, mold growth from wet interior house insulation, rotting of main house wall lower plates, and cracked stucco on lower wall. Secondly, the center rooms were always cold from heat loss/air infiltration.  That means they paid to heat the outside for nine years!

The square hole that you see was just sided over. The smaller holes are a result of not mapping out the studs and missing. Can you guess why it was so cold in their kitchen and bathroom? Click here

Corrective measures: Removed everything...Reinsulated house wall, new OSB sheathing, flashed under windows, flashed bottom of sheathing to create a drip cap above stucco, added Tyvec vapor barrier, added 1/2 foil-faced insulation over Tyvec. 



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