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A short list of helpful roofing terms and phrases...

Cornice : a horizontal molding projecting along the top of a wall, building, etc.; a projecting, decorative strip above a window

Cricket: It is easiest to picture an "A" style roof that is placed behind a chimney in order to divert water away from the back edge.  Usually built behind chimneys that are situated at the center of a roof system.  It stops water and snow from resting behind and infiltrating into a house.

Decking :  The base (bottom most layer) layer of a roof.  It can be of various materials. Most common is plywood. May also be called CDX; exterior grade plywood made specifically for roofing etc.  May also be planking or OSB, oriented strand board.  OSB  is  man made  plywood made from  particles of wood that are glued together.

Dormer : a window set upright in a sloping roof; the roofed projection in which this window is set.

Drip edge : Metal trim that goes at edges of roof system.  This protects the edges of the plywood from wind driven rain.

Eave : The low horizontal edge of a roof.  Gutters are hung from eave edges. 

Fascia : a flat member or board which acts as a face plate. In roofing, a gutter is usually attached to it. An exception would be Yankee gutters that are built into the roof itself.

Flashing :
sheets of metal or other material used to weatherproof joints, edges, etc., especially of a roof

Gable : the triangular wall enclosed by the sloping ends of a ridged roof.

Gambrel or barn Roof : Any roof which exhibits a barn style peak.

Gauge, of copper or other metal : the thickness of a sheet of metal, diameter of wire, etc.

Ice and snow guard:  Ice and snow guard is placed where water has the tendency to reverse direction (ice damming) or pool. By law it must be installed on the first three feet of roof surface extending up from the gutter.  Installation recommendations change based on different climate regions of the country.

Patina, of copper : a fine crust or film on bronze or copper, usually green or greenish blue, formed by natural oxidation and often valued as being ornamental.

Rafter:  A beam giving form, slope, and support to a roof.

Ridge (or peak): That part of a roof where the rafters meet the horizontal ridge beam ^. Top most edge.

Rake Edge: The sides of a roof system that project upward.  The sides that create an "A" frame or wing. 

Slate : a hard, fine-grained metamorphic rock that cleaves naturally into thin, smooth layered surfaces

Soffit : The underside of an entrance or passage. The roof overhang from the main wall usually six to twelve inches.

Tile : a thin piece of glazed or unglazed fired clay, stone or concrete, used for roofing, flooring, etc.

Verdigris : a green or greenish blue coating that forms on brass, bronze, or copper

Vent collar: These are a combination of rubber and metal flashing molded together.  They are installed around vent pipes that protrude from your roof system.  They are made to grip tightly to soil pipes to create a caulk free  seal.



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